8 best secrets about all-inclusive hotels that nobody tells you about

…and they are not necessarily bad!


You’ll have the best value if pick the package holidays and pay for it well up-front. This is what you most probably have heard about the all-inclusive type of accommodation but there are few things you need to know if you’ve been on such a vacation so far. Some of the secrets are really well kept, while many experienced travelers are aware of other specifics but those with less history in that might be caught off guard.


  1. Is it all included in the all-inclusive?

all inclusive deals to bulgariaYou really thought that you pay once and that’s it? Oh, dear, the very first thing you need to check out is what actually is included within the price. Booking a package usually means you have food for granted three times a day, soft beverages and cheap local beer, free access to the hotel’s pool or to the hotel’s sunbeds on the beach. Bulgaria all-inclusive deals usually have the transfers from and to the airport included too.

But every destination might be a different story. So, always check for the small font for extra fees. Top shelf liquors will rather likely scrape off your wallet. The excursion out of the resort’s premises are not included in the price and might cost you a lot.


  1. Gourmet? Local specialties? You will hardly have it on property

croatia holidays all inclusiveThe mediocre food is among the things that make many travelers avoid the package holidays. It doesn’t mean that meals at the hotel during the Croatia all-inclusive holidays are all bad. No, there are mostly standard buffet dishes you are about to find at any spot around the globe. Besides the fact that you will be literally fed up with the same food every day, you might also miss the chance to taste the local cuisine.

The secret here is called “A la carte restaurants”. In Bulgaria, all-inclusive deals come with the options to visit another place for a lunch or a dinner within the premises of the resort to taste specialties of a higher level. Maybe not gourmet exclusives but definitely better and different food than the buffet next to your room. But the reservation in advance is required and sometimes it is not all-free – you have to pay for the dinner, even if it is not the whole price you would be charged in a case of a random visit.


  1. It’s useless for a single traveler

Not much of a secret, especially if you have already checked through offers and have been on such vacation. If you look for Bulgaria all-inclusive deals by Balkan Holidays, you will need to book a suit for at least two or even three adults to get the best value per person. On the other hand, some Croatia all-inclusive holidays allow the option for a single reservation. But what would you do that for? Walking around the magnificent Dubrovnik alone? The package vacations are not designed for solo players.


  1. It’s not the best type for young party “animals”

parties in sunny beach 2018 Booking a family trip on a restricted budget is what mums and dads do. So, this is not a secret – opting for Montenegro all-inclusive accommodation will suit greatly for mother and father and their son and daughter. But this kind of vacation is definitely what the young (and wild) adults look for. Except for the price since the college kids are often a bit scarce of money. Package resorts lean closer to the “Granny” type of amusement than to the Ibiza-like craze. And it is not necessarily bad – the family vacation with less noise is more preferable. But at famous destinations like Sunny Beach, Bulgaria all-inclusive are not excluded from the list of possible picks.


  1. You will get stuck at the resort

This one is either good or bad – depends on the way you would like to spend time during your vacation. Since it’s all included, travelers often don’t need to travel around – package holidays resorts serve it all on a plate. But we will remind you once again about Dubrovnik – wouldn’t it be a pity to miss the chance visiting such a wonderful place only because you receive a great treatment 10 or 20 km during the time of your Croatia all-inclusive holidays? Well, if you’re on an island, you might not need to move away from the base camp at all. Of if Budva is your choice for the Montenegro all-inclusive booking.


  1. Mind the dress code

Surprise! Isn’t it? You would think that bringing the swimsuit, the shorts, the Hawaiian shirt and the flip-flops is enough to wear on the beach. Breathe easy, most of the times it is. But not in A la carte restaurant or on some special occasion organized by the hotel and included in the deal. So this one might be annoying for men but they need to have long pants in the suitcase. Just in case.


  1. Booking cheap is not booking a bad beach

Probably one of the best tips next to the “not all included in the all-inclusive”. The price of the accommodation might not have any relation to the quality of the beach. Spending a bigger amount on the package vacation means you will get a better room, a better food and more amenities included in the deal. But not necessarily a better beach. What a disappointment it will be to find out that the luxurious room comes with a rather unassuming area near the sea? This happens. But it’s the other way around too – you can book cheap and take a trip to a great beach. Like the one at Golden Sands if you book Bulgaria all-inclusive deal.


  1. Try it off-season

“I know that. It’s cheaper”. Correct. But this tip is not only about the budget – it is also about the overall experience. Skip the busiest time of the high season and plan the all-inclusive Croatia holidays after mid-September. It will be not only more affordable but less crowded too. And the weather will be probably favorable enough for a great summer vacation.



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