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The country is located closer to the southern frontier than to arctic circle, but despite that Bulgaria becomes increasingly popular speaking of snow sports. The Balkan state is where you can find some of the best-valued picks for skiing and snowboarding vacation. Besides that, the country has been a host to some of the leading winter sports competitions in the past decade. One place sums for both aspects – Bansko ski resort. On the one hand, the small town set in the footsteps of Pirin Mountain welcomes thousands of foreign visitors every year who have budget limits but still look for the excellent accommodation and service. And on the other hand – but on the same slope, is where the newspapers and news agencies take their headlines concerning some of the significant Alpine skiing and snowboarding events. Bansko snow report is vital for both vacationers and professionals, and for the greatest part of the winter, the news is favorable.

Once again the most affordable deal is there

For seven years in a row, the cheapest pick for the winter in Europe was to ski Bansko slopes. Last season the Pirin Mountain resort dropped in the list of the most affordable snow destination but quickly reclaimed its top position. A recent survey once again shows that Bansko ski holiday is the most budget-oriented among the favorite places for winter break on the map of the continent. The annual report of Post Office Travel revealed that the leading Bulgarian resort might squeeze as low as 400 GBP out of one’s wallet. The cheap Bansko hotels form the essential segment of the equation. You would hardly find more affordable picks than those posted by Balkan Holidays. That’s why the demand for the resort is significant and most of the rooms in the high season are reserved well before Bansko snow report starts to show that there is “powder” on the slopes.

Consider booking the suit before 30 November to get the best out of Bansko ski option not only regarding the accommodation but the other aspects of the winter break budget too. The 6-day lift pass costs less than 110 British Pounds per person if you apply for it before December comes. Most of the ski packs and services are available on a substantial discount before the mentioned date. For example, the full-ski package is the deal to consider – the traveler needs to pay less than 200 quid to receive the lift pass, the hire boots, and skis, and to pay for the ski lessons. Regarding the tuition in ski, Bansko is sometimes considered a bit too hard for the absolute beginners. But with a good teacher, everyone can learn to slide on the runs of Pirin Mountain. It’s not a mandatory condition to pay for the school, but then you need to follow closely Bansko snow report even you are already there to know what time is suitable for the race and when is safer to avoid the hills above the town.


The info is updated all the time

bansko webcams and snow reportBulgaria is an Eastern European state, but in many aspects, the quality of the service does not fall back to the Western European standards. You can rely on Bansko snow report without worry because the data is updated on a regular basis. Checking is it alright to ski Bansko routes is easier through the Bansko webcam system. Fresh images from 6 key areas of the ski zone are provided every few seconds, so what you see is the actual state of the place. The highest camera is set on the top of the sports complex near the Todorka peak (2550 m), there are four more going down to the town – in the regions known as the Plato, Shiligarnika, Banderishka Polyana, and Chalin Valog. The last (or the first, depending on where you start to count from) is installed around the base station of the Gondola lift.

The Bansko snow report shows the data regarding the same six key spots on the map of Pirin Mountain. It’s simple to find the necessary information regarding the temperature, the wind speed, the thickness of the snow cover and the amount of the fresh snow on the slopes of Bansko ski zone. Provided on a regular basis, it is convenient for travelers who are already at the place, and also for the people who consider the options among the Bansko hotels.


The Alpine stars look for Bansko snow report too.

winter hoidays in bulgariaIn the past decade, Pirin Mountain resort hosted several top category events of different winter sports. The best snowboarders gather around Banderishka Polyana at the end of January for the World Cup events. For the following season, anyway, the piste named after the famed Italian Alpine skier Alberto Tomba will host the competition of the actual Alpine skiing stars. FIS granted Bansko ski zone the right to organize events on the highest professional level for three years in a row. The last weekend of February 2019 will feature the current idols of the sport to ski Bansko routes in the competition for points, trophies, and glory. And this time the Tomba run will host male World Cup events – the Alpine combination, Super G, and Giant Slalom. Given the date, the three starts in Bulgaria will play a crucial role in the outcome of the fight for the first place. So, on 22-24 February a thousand eyes will look on Bansko snow report all the time. Even stars like the record holder of 7 World Cups in a row Marcel Hirscher will depend on it to beat the strong Norwegian competition in the face of Henrik Kristoffersen, Aksel Lund Svindal, Kjetil Jansrud. Those runs are expected with a lot of excitement, and it is beyond any doubt that all Bansko hotels will be full-packed for these dates.

winter holidays in bulgaria bansko

The same interest is expected for the start of the season. The official opening on Banderishka Polyana is scheduled for 15th of December when Bansko snow report should be favorable enough to run the slopes. It is already a well-established tradition in the leading Bulgarian resort to invite a world-famous ski star for the kick-off. This year it will be the Olympic champion, Patrik Ortlieb, to run the Tomba track for the season opener. The prominent Austrian skier who won the Olympic gold in 1992 in Downhill comes back once again after 2009 when he visited Bansko ski zone for the first time in his life. The list of Alpine champions who came to Bulgaria for the same reason is already long enough. The one and only Alberto Tomba showed his slalom precision back in 2013. His compatriot Kristian Gheddina was the star of the Banski ski season opening too and the 5-time World Cup holder Marc Girardelli is regularly present around Banderishka Polyana.

So, you can come around those stars in some of the Bansko hotels just like that. It’s not a surprise already in the small town set in the footsteps of the gorgeous Pirin Mountain. You can feel what is like to be in Alberto Tomba or Lindsey Vonn shoes running the Black type piste named after the Italian. Well, you need to be well-trained for such an experience. But as far as it is good enough for the class of the world stars, Bansko ski resort welcome warmly everyone who likes to spend the winter break on a budget.

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