An Introduction to Borovets, Bulgaria

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The oldest winter resort in the country and one of the fastest developing up to the modern standards of our days at the same time – this is Borovets, Bulgaria. Set in the footsteps of the highest peak on the map of Balkan Peninsula, this place has been a favorite destination for the last ruling king of Bulgaria and still holds the legends of the early 20th century. The old stories wouldn’t be enough to attract the visitors from around the world if there are no conditions and service up to date with the contemporary requirements. The stats show that an increasing number of tourists have chosen to explore Borovets ski map in the recent years, so it hints that the place has not only rich history but an active present and a promising future.


The resort is easy and fast to reach from Sofia airport.


travel to borovets via sofia airport
Sofia Airport

While there are several dozens of winter sports zones in Bulgaria, there are only three areas with international recognition. The Top 3 of the country when it comes to snowy athleticism and recreation is comprised of Bansko, Pamporovo, and Borovets. The latter has one massive advantage at the expense of the other two destinations – the vicinity to the main airport in the territory. Borovets ski map is stretched on the slopes of Rila Mountain and is situated only 70 km away from Sofia. The transfer from the capital airport usually takes not more than 90 minutes, while Bansko and Pamporovo stand much further away from the biggest city in Bulgaria. After booking a room you know that the flight and the check before it take at least 4-5 hours, so another three or four hours on the road the same day might be really tiresome. Picking Borovets, Bulgaria you will need less time from your home to the hotel room.


In the late 19th century when the area was first set for recreational purposes, it was not meant to be for winter sports, at least not primarily. Back in the day when the place was still known by its old name of Turkish origin – Chamkoriya (translated as Pinewood; Borovets is also a derivative of the Bulgarian word “bor” which also means Pine tree), it all started from a small hunting lodge. And before the Borovets ski map was designed and developed, the area was popular mainly as a field to chase wild game. Bulgarian king Boris III visited the resort on a regular basis in the 1920s and 1930s when the skiing was in its baby phase.


And it later arose to be the most prominent winter resort in the country


rila mountain borovets bulgaria
Rila montian, Bulgaria

In the second half of the 20th century Borovets, Bulgaria quickly developed as the leading winter sports zone not only on a national but on a regional level. The slopes of Rila Mountain hosted events from the FIS World Cup in Alpine Skiing, and the pistes are still used on a regular basis for European Cup competitions. The resort might be overshadowed somewhat by Bansko in the past decade, but it is still a favorite destination for many local and foreign tourists.


The oldest winter sports zone indeed stumbled on some difficulties at the turn of the centuries. In the recent years, the Rila Mountain resort atoned with the requirements necessary to have the presence of a modern skiing & snowboarding area. One of the essential features for that matter is the Borovets webcam network. Starting from the highest point of the sports zone around Markujika group of tracks and going down to the main resort, the complex is equipped with 9 cameras. You can see webcam Borovets image updated on a regular basis 10-15 times every minute, so the guests of the local hotels can see what the weather at the Popangelov slope in a real-time fashion is. Those who consider a holiday in Rila, have the option to check what is going on thanks to the Borovets webcam system.


Borovets ski map welcomes skiers of all levels of expertise


Borovets Ski Map, Bulgaria
Borovets Ski Map, Bulgaria

Stretched from the area of the main resort up to the hills of the Markujika zone, the land of the oldest winter recreational complex in the country has sections designed for every type of athlete. Even the ripper kind of skiers will face some challenge if they ride on some of the Black pistes found on the Borovets ski map. Cherveno zname (Red Banner), Fonfon, or Markujika 2A are among the hardest tracks designed only for experienced athletes. The rookies are not allowed in such sections, but there are several Green fields no start learning. Some of these beginner types of tracks are literally situated in some of the Borovets, Bulgaria hotels yards in the village. Starting from there, the newbies who show more significant improvement are tested later to demonstrate their newly learned skills on a higher, Blue type track.

The tradition of ski tuition is another substantial ingredient that makes Borovets, Bulgaria stand out as a leading winter destination. The teachers from the local ski schools receive awards on both national and international stages almost every year. Learning to ski while being on vacation at the oldest resort in the country might be one of your best-valued investments. Last year first-time ski pack cost was just 178 GBP, and it is not about to change significantly for the 2018-19 season. The deal includes the lift pass for six days as well as the equipment hire and the skiing school services.


If you look at the webcam, Borovets looks like a pretty calm place in October or November. The real action usually starts in the last month of the year and lasts for good four months. More than 200 snow cannons are spread around the Borovets ski map to provide with “powder” for the tracks when there is not enough natural snowfall. The demand for the most traditional winter resort in Bulgaria grows significantly as the season approaches, so the soon you book it, the better is the chance to get affordable accommodation.

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