Skiing and Snowboarding in Lake Bohinj

Vogel Ski Resort in Slovenia

Rising high up in the clouds and standing tall on almost 3000 meters above the sea level, this is the only national park in Slovenia – Triglav. Practically equivalent to the Julian Alps, that section of the greatest mountain range in Europe provides a variety of choices for winter sports. And one of the most prominent places for skiing and snowboarding is Lake Bohinj. The area surrounding the largest permanent body of fresh water in the country represents an all-season favourite site for local and foreign tourists. In the cold months of the year undoubtedly the main reason to book a room in Bohinj is to hit the slopes for a slalom or a downhill.

Three small villages lay closely to that 4 km long pond but any of the names hardly rings the bell if you haven’t heard or read about the place as a whole. The only one that is practically based on the shores is Ukanc while Ribcev Laz and Stara Fuzina are built with a little distance from the water. Looking from a similar perspective one might say that half-dozen skiing and snowboarding around Lake Bohinj is available at half-dozen sites. But actually, there are two main winter resorts associated with that natural beauty of water in the footsteps of Triglav – Vogel and Kobla.

What site to choose for skiing around Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj Skiing and Snowboarding

Both winter centres are located south of the largest permanent lake in Slovenia. Vogel is the closest to the pond complex of pistes and facilities. The infrastructure of that zone for skiing and snowboarding in Lake Bohinj area is well developed – 8 lifts operate in the section, one of which is from the funifor type. The combined length of the tracks for alpine training and competition is small – 22 km, more than a half of which are of the Red kind and the rest belonging to the Blue mark. Almost 10 km of cross-country tracks are also available in the area.

Further away from the lake but closer to the capital Ljubljana and that so – closer to the main airport of the country, stands the other winter resort associated with Bohinj – Kobla. Named after the nearest mountain peak, the ski zone occurs to be interconnected with the Bohinjska Bistrica village. The highest point of that centre for snowy activity isn’t so high and stands less than 1500 m above the sea level compared to 1800 m maximum altitude of Vogel. The overall length is almost the same as for its neighbour (23 km) and the con, in this case, turns to be the lack of cabin lift. But six from other types work on a regular basis in the zone of Kobla.

The altitude of the sites for skiing and snowboarding in Lake Bohinj proximity does not exceed 2000 m above the sea level. The good side of it is the granted accessibility practically all the time. The drawback of lower places is the lack of snow in early spring when there are still chances to ride on the higher slopes. And frankly – besides the natural beauty which is a must-see charm speaking of Lake Bohinj the main advantage of the winter resorts in the zone can be found in the fact that they are considerably more affordable than other winter areas that are more famous like Kranjska Gora. And since Lake Bohinj turns to be cheaper, the demand for the place grow and you may need to check a travel company like Balkan Holidays for remaining offers. There isn’t much to complain about so better book a house for a memorable adventure.

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