Summer in the Balkans – a virtual coast to coast travel

summer holiday on the balkans

It would be a challenge to embark on a road trip all the way on the Balkans. Starting from the northwest on the Adriatic coast where Slovenia has a short line on the sea (few are those who know about it) and reaching to the eastern end of the region to the Bulgarian resorts on the Black Sea is not the easiest adventure to plan and perform. The strictest schedule for coast-to-coast summer holidays on the Balkans will rather fail at some stage, to be honest, because there are numerous factors that may alter. Passing through several borders in a driving journey certainly can bring a headache. Well, the obstacles during a trip might turn into great memories later but no one plans to go through such unexpected occasions.


Is there an easy way to enjoy the summer holidays 2018 on the Balkans?


Of course, there is. Well, the coast to coast idea will not be simple to achieve anyway but picking one or two of the Balkan countries to visit during a two-week long July break – this is a real case scenario. If you have to choose only one country for the vacation which one would it be? Would you end going on summer holidays to Bulgaria or rather likely the tick will be put on some of the former Yugoslav states?


It would be a complicated task to pick a single option among a half-dozen wide spectrum of options. Before you make a final decision, go through this quick review of every country in the Balkans which has built fame as a favorite destination for summer holidays. Let’s make it clear – Greece and Turkey are not included in the list despite located on the map of Balkan Peninsula. Speaking of the Balkans, we mean the area north of these countries.


Slovenia holidays on the beach? Come on…


Oh, you think we fool you with this one? The local people would say that their land is not situated on the Balkans and actually will be right about it to a great extent. Geographically only a quarter of Slovenia is cited as a part of the peninsula and in the mind of travelers, the land is much more linked to the Alpine group than to the region on the southwestern corner of Europe. Lake Bled indeed is a great option for the summer holidays too, not only for winter tourism. And still, the beach party is a possibility in the country but limited to the 50 km coastline where the most prominent resort is Portoroz. Opting for Slovenia holidays might be a wonderful pick if you combine several days on the sea with a week in the mountains or the other around – the territory is small and the transfer from one place to another wouldn’t take long.


1800 km long beach – is there a place for you?


Of course, there is, if you put the tick on the holidays to Croatia. The Adriatic Sea is largely linked with that country even if Italy actually claims the rights over a longer coastline around the same basin. Representing the most attractive among all former Yugoslav republics, this land and these shores attract hundreds of thousand people every year for the summer holidays. There is hardly a better mix than put in a great weather on the beach, beautiful nature and interesting places to visit in the time of the vacation. Everything mentioned is available if you decide to embark on holidays to Croatia.


Dubrovnik is the name known practically to everyone who has ever heard about the country as a possible touring destination. The town is notorious for the old architecture and gains even more fame after being used as a site for Game of Thrones filming. But with 1800 km long coastline going on holidays to Croatia shouldn’t be restricted to a single town. Split and Pula represent a strong competition to the leading role of Dubrovnik and there are also hundreds of smaller resorts.


The Black mountains kiss the sea


You can see it if you choose to go on holidays to Montenegro. The name of the country is translated literally as the Black mountain (from Italian, not from the native language) and this is the main competition of Croatia on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea. The mountain reaches steps away from the beach and this is clearly seen in Budva. Opting for this resort in the process of consideration of going on holidays to Montenegro would be a great way to enjoy the summer vacation. Have in mind though that the country has only two international airports making it inconvenient in terms of accessibility.


Landlocked but not excluded from the summer holidays picks


The name of the country is a matter of a great controversy (Greece is against the usage of Macedonia as a way to call the state) but what is clear is the fact that the former Yugoslav republic is landlocked. But with options like the Ohrid lake can be considered as a possible and actually wonderful choice for the summer holidays 2018. Located at heart of the Balkans, the country might be considered the most suitable choice if you wish to visit two countries during the mid-year vacation – starting with the summer holidays to Bulgaria on the beach, for example, and after that continuing to the neighboring land.


The sea or the mountains?


What will be the better choice for Bulgaria? There’s no easy answer to that question – the country is a real all-rounder when it comes to the variety of options for the mid-year break. Anyway, most of the people pick the summer holidays to Bulgaria because of the Black Sea – the beach beats the hills in the heat of the season. The eastern coast of the Balkans host several resorts with international recognition – Sunny Beach is probably the most famous followed closely in popularity by Golden Sands, Albena, Nessebar, and Sozopol.


The main reason next to the great sandy beaches for tourists to choose going for summer holidays to Bulgaria in bigger numbers year after year is the price. You can easily compare the cost of the accommodation on any Adriatic destination to the hotels on the Black Sea. And in terms of affordability, Bulgaria wins with significantly lower fees and with a greater value for money. The four countries mentioned previously in the article sum up for a territory little larger than 110 000 square kilometers which is equal to the Bulgarian territory alone. And still, the travel around the land is a possibility for the summer holidays 2018.


Can you cross borders?


Is it obtainable to start the vacation in one of the cited lands and to end it in another? Only if your travel is a road travel. There are no railroad connections to support such adventure. Unfortunately, the flight connections between these countries sharing the same region aren’t great if they ever exist. Catching a plane from Sofia to Zagreb might fit your schedule if the plan is really good.


The combination is easier to achieve if you pick two states. The link between Bulgaria and Macedonia has already been cited, following the same logic you can add the holidays to Croatia to your stay in gorgeous Slovenia. But tripping coast to coast…. Well, it is realistic but it will not be as light this article leads to a virtual travel. Anyway, if your heart is hungry for adventures during the summer holidays 2018, go for the ride from Adriatic to the Black Sea – you need to be patient and ready to change your plans all the time. But in the end, it might worth it.

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