Sunny Beach vs. Golden Sands: Which is better?

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The unconditional answer to such a question is probably impossible – it’s really apples and oranges. One might fall in love with the place during the Sunny beach holidays and others would love everything about the Golden Sands. Some would like both resorts and experience genuine dilemma which one to choose for the summer break, some wouldn’t find any of these destinations suitable to one’s taste. But honestly, the leading Bulgarian seaside locations will most likely exceed the expectations of the vast majority of tourists visiting the country for the first time.


The price is always a good reason when you choose

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And what is the more affordable place on the Black Sea comparing both summer centers? In terms of the vacation cost in Bulgaria Sunny Beach kind of wins the competition thanks to the deals provided by Balkan Holidays. Slanchev Bryag as it is known among the local people happens to be closely followed by Zlatni Pyasatsi (a.k.a. Golden Sand), Albena and Nessebar speaking of affordability – the greatest opportunities for all these resorts once again appear on the list of the most trusted and experienced tour operator in the region.


Where else can you book a week-long stay for 200 GBP per person – or even less? The Sunny Beach holidays will not make eyes pop after seeing such numbers but indeed will make it happen regarding the 3-stars sector, specifically for self-catering accommodation. The category one star less than the top level also provides with prices around 250 GBP or lower making the unthinkable possibility a reality.


It’s not that in Golden Sands the tempting spots are nowhere to be found. Plenty of available options for a cheap vacation appear on the display when looking for a room in the biggest Bulgarian resort in the northern section of the Black Sea region. Anyway, it’s fair enough to say that in Bulgaria Sunny Beach is second to none combining the prices and the variety of places to stay in.


The southern passion vs. northern tranquility. Is it that simple?


Probably not. Generalizing the qualities of both places might be in favor to some extent to the people considering to try the Golden Sands or the Sunny Beach 2018 adventure. Just because the resort south of Stara Planina (or Balkan range) is regarded one of the main summer party centers in Eastern Europe, it doesn’t mean that there is no rest for the peaceful vacationers during their Sunny Beach holidays. And the other way around – Golden Sands might be a bit quieter than its main competition on the country’s shoreline but few a those who would call it boring.


Cacao Beach probably represents the most familiar spot for all Ibiza type people when it comes to naming a certain location on the western shores of the Black Sea. The number of clubs and discos in “Slanchaka” as it is mentioned colloquially by the local folks make a long list. The venues for a nightlife in Golden Sands come close in terms of amusement and quality but there are fewer places to have fun till dawn.


Speaking of the weather, Sunny Beach scores another point

weather in sunny beach is much better than golden sands

The south wins it even if the distance between these two resorts is just 100 km. Anyway, because of the weather, Sunny Beach can provide a longer season compared to the Golden Sands. Sometimes even late-May is great to book a stay at Slanchev Bryag and if the conditions are favorable, a summer vacation can be spent there until mid-September. The northern pride lasts less – three months, three and a half at best. In Bulgaria, Sunny Beach records a higher average temperature of the air and the water and this is the main reason for the wider horizon of opportunities to book a room there. But it’s really hard to tell which place has a greater beach – both are wonderful, indeed.


Travel around? We score a draw here


Really. Comparing Golden Sands and Sunny Beach Bulgaria has two focal points of the summer tourism. And both resorts have plenty of must-see locations in their near vicinity. Opting for Sunny Beach holidays have in mind that the great Old Town of Nessebar stands just 10 minutes away and it is on the top of sightseeing lists in the country. A trip to Bourgas and a walk around the biggest city in the southern part of the Black Sea area is a great way to spend the day too. Golden Sands answers with a ride to Varna, the most populated Bulgarian seaside city where you can walk in the garden near the beach and visit the Dolphinarium (and even take a picture with the dolphins!). Except for that a short trip from Zlatni Pyasatsi is what you need to reach the palace and the botanic garden in the town of Balchik or the beautiful landscape of Cape Kaliakra.


So Sunny Beach 2018 wins by a narrow gap vs. Golden Sands 2018 but you wouldn’t regret probably any resort you choose among the both leading Bulgarian summer destinations.

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