The place or the price: What matters more for a great vacation?

all inclusive holidays to bulgaria

Put both things in the basket and you will have the perfect answer to the question. But it isn’t always that simple. The explanation is not hard to find – the greater destinations meet the greater demand so the price of the all-inclusive holidays for places like Palma de Mallorca or Algarve might turn out to be a little too much weight on your budget. The more affordable options often happen to hide some unpleasant con which can ruin the overall experience of the summer break.


Where is the region of the golden ratio


One might tell Turkey, others should point to Greece but let’s go a little further to the north in that part of Europe for the all-inclusive deals that deserve to be mentioned and better than that – enjoyed. The Balkans are often put aside when it comes to considering the mid-year vacation. A quick overview of the greatest picks in the region should be enough to change your mind if you attitude regarding that area of Eastern Europe was predominantly negative.


The total shift from the daily routine is worth being experienced in an all-inclusive adventure in the Balkans. All-inclusive not only by the means of accommodation but by the whole wide spectrum of things to live through and to get joy and satisfaction out of. Beautiful nature, warm welcome, great food, interesting places to visit that you have never imagined of, having fun in the morning, having fun in the evening. And the joy of the beach, of course – this is the main reason you might choose going for all inclusive holidays to Bulgaria in the first place.


The main coastlines of the Balkan peninsula (besides the longest one that draws Greece on the map) – the Adriatic and the Black Sea, differ significantly from one from the other. The Western shores of the region form a much longer line thanks to the great number of coast curves which makes the overall picture so beautiful. But the beaches are predominantly rocky while on the Black Sea most of the resorts have nice sands. The name of one of the main destinations going for all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria is actually Golden Sands.


Comparing the options for all inclusive holidays in the region will bring you to the conclusion that the coast of the Eastern Balkans is more affordable. Is there a hidden agenda behind that? If you search from the list of Balkan Holidays all-inclusive picks, there is nothing really to worry about.

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